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About Us


Our Duty

Meeting the needs of our clients with environmental responsibility, safety and work health, I.I.A. LLC and partners are committed to:

  • Producing and marketing pig iron and other natural resources with efficiency, quality, and proper management.
  • Identifying environmental aspects/impacts, hazards/risks related to occupational health and safety resulting from its activities and products, establishing economically viable technical control measures, monitoring and preventing pollution, accidents and work-related diseases.
  • Complying with the legislation, applicable regulations and other requirements set forth by the organization in regard to environmental aspects and risks related to occupational health and safety.
  • Raising awareness among employees and suppliers to continuously improve the performance of the quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system.


Our Global Network

We know how important receiving orders are, that's why we deliver any shipment to any place world wide with haste!  In fact, we've taken the extra focus and energy on finding & utilizing the most efficient travel routes, ports, and connecting all the complicated dots, for an easier, faster shipping just for you.


Your Resource For Expansion

We understand how important your goals, ambitions and future desires are, because of this we go to extra measures that our competitors cannot even fathom. Because of our international connections, they help provide us & more importantly, you with faster deliveries and the finest, most pure raw materials.


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We  strive to stay in communication with our clients.  Have a question about  our business, or want to see if we match your specific needs?  Send us a  message, or better, give us a call.  We are always happy to meet new customers!

Interlagos International Alliance, LLC